A music score is a very important part of a movie. it can add additional emotion to a scene or, in today's case with the Marvel Universe movies, remain in the background to reiterate what we already see on screen. One problem in today's scoring process is the "bwaaam" inception sound, which can now be heard in many of today's movies and trailers. It doesn't really add much to the scene other than noise or triggering an emotion from the sound. This is in contrast to many movies where the music created deep emotions and is more memorable than a "BWAAAM." Music in a movie strikes at the core emotions rather than the surface emotion think Star Wars, Back to the Future, 007, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.

Lately many movies have been reusing 'themes' from scores that make it seem cliche. Themes such as high strings for sadder moments. The youtube channel Every Frame a Painting goes into more depth about why this is happening in the film scoring industry. Check out their video below for more details: