Recently, Enhanced Media and I helped in producing Eddie Marashian's new podcast.  As a fan and frequent listener of podcasts, I'm very excited to share The Quest: 10-Minute Yoga Meditations.  Working on this with Eddie has been a pleasure.  I've recorded Eddie's spoken introductions to the episodes, as well as produced the final audio recordings, ready for the airwaves.  I've also been interested in meditation for quite some time, but haven't spent much time practicing, mostly because I was unsure how or where to start.  This guided meditation is perfect for me to get acquainted with methods and techniques with no previous knowledge.  I'm genuinely happy to be a part and excited for others to discover this.  I invited Eddie to tell you more about the podcast itself.  His words are below...

"For at least a year, I had a dream of turning my weekly meditations into a podcast.  I could have never made that dream a reality without Quinn at Enhanced Media.  He helped me get the sound quality that I wanted at a price I could afford.  He is also an expert sound editor.  

The Quest: 10-Minute Yoga Meditations is a weekly, guided meditation podcast recorded live in Eddie Marashian’s donation-based yoga class in Los Angeles.  Great for beginning and seasoned practitioners alike, each episode explores different themes and employs different techniques.  At just 10 minutes long, these guided meditations are short enough to fit into your busy schedule—yet powerful enough to transform you from the inside out.  Reduce stress.  Find inner peace.  Awaken to the highest good, highest potential and highest power within your own life.  All this and more is waiting for you on The Quest. " 

-Eddie Marashian

This blog post written by Quinn Cooper