The AES convention is a time where many new products are released and shown off. This year was no exception to that. If you were lucky enough to be on the floor of AES this year then you probably already saw and heard these pieces of gear. Here's some new gear announced at AES this year:

Neve 1073SPX - this is a rack unit version of the classic 1073 preamp/EQ. Previously this was only put out by other companies and Neve would require you to buy a rack to house a single unit. Read more about it here.

Transformizer Pro - This is a sound designers dream. The plugin takes one main sound and allows you to layer other sounds with it to fill it out and make it larger than life. the other sounds will adapt to the original sound in volume, timbre, pitch, and length. Read more about it here.

Sound Radix Powair - This plugin is an adaptive compressor. This is a great tool for music and in film/tv mixing. This will allow more flexibility than traditional limiters and allow for certain things to cut through based on their transients. Read more about it here.

PACE iLok Cloud - Hate using pesky USB keys and dongles that can get easily lost or broken? Dislike having thousands of dollars on one of those? Well good news, iLok will now be a secure online system. Joining the ranks of other software developers like Waves and others who use a proprietary online system, iLok will debut this new technology in early 2018. It is undetermined if this will be free or a subscription. Read more about it here.

Great new products this year that will be very helpful in post production and music.